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About Us

The History

Domus Art Gallery was established in 1994 in Kolkata under the entrepreneurship of Sanjay Sachdev. Hailing from a family of collectors from the eastern part of India, he established this gallery and is involved in the promotion and recognition of upcoming and emerging artists from all over the country. This gallery stocks, apart from works of masters, paintings, prints and sculptures of artists who have tremendous creative talent and are the masters of the future.

The aim of the gallery is to promote good art and drive home the point to collectors, new and old, that good art will always be recognised and appreciated sooner or later and the unestablished creative breed of artists today will be the established masters of tomorrow.

What is interesting in Domus Art Gallery?

The gallery has held over Forty exhibitions over the last nine years in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi and recently held an exhibition in Hong Kong “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow….” which was a grand success. The gallery now plans to hold apart from shows in India, exhibitions abroad every year to create the awareness of Indian art amongst foreigners and expose them to the unexplored and unexploited talent Indian Artisans possess.

Oil Painting

Welcome To Domus Art Gallery

The gallery hopes to bring to you the best in contemporary and period Indian art. We have an extensive collection of art works from around the country which you can buy online and moreover view the artist profiles also. Our aim is to give people round the globe easy access to good Indian Art. In its ninth year of business, the gallery has a clientele which includes prestigious Indian and International corporate houses as well as many connoisseurs of art in India and abroad.