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Amal Nath Chakladar


Brief info

Amalnath Chakladar (1936 - 2021) Born in Bangladesh, Amalnath Chakladar graduated in 1960 from the Government College of Art, Calcutta. Unlike the artists of the Bengal school, Chakladar did not look towards Indian classics and mythology for his subjects. The world around him was his source of inspiration. Nature is a dominant subject in Chakladar’s works: flowing water, swaying breeze, flight of the birds, softness of the grass and petals, are all captured beautifully by the artist from his brilliant mastery over form and technique. He used a variety of mediums and techniques, capturing the beauty of his subjects. His brushstrokes are defined and controlled brushstrokes reveal minute details in his small descriptive works and demonstrate the care and attention of his brush work.

In 1955, he retired as Asisstant Professor from the Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta.

Government College of Art and Craft

Major Exhibitions:
He participated in several important exhibitions such as the Centenary Celebration of the Sepoy Mutiny in 1957 and the 1992 Hyderabad exhibition Bengal Art Today.

Rajya Charukala Pradarshani Award

His works are held in several public and private collections in India and abroad.

Projects by Amal Nath Chakladar

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