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Ananda Das


Brief info

Ananda Das, a globally renowned Indian painter, was born in Kolkata and is the son of the distinguished artist, Lakshmi Narayan Das. His father, a celebrated commercial artist, was his first art mentor, guiding him in the early stages of his career. Ananda began his formal training at the Bengal School Of Arts at the tender age of fourteen. At eighteen, he chose to independently experiment with his work, developing a unique style that earned him numerous accolades, including several Gold Medals Of Honour.

Ananda's diverse artistic styles and forms have won him several prestigious scholarships, making him a prominent member of the Calcutta Painters Group. Since launching his career in 1994, Ananda has worked with various mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and mixed media. His works are primarily realistic and figurative, with the "Rickshaw Puller" and "Varanasi" series being particularly notable.

Ananda's depiction of Varanasi, one of India's most spiritual cities, captures its divine essence, while his rickshaw series symbolizes the harmony between man and his carrier. His work also explores the interplay of light and shadow, often using charcoal and acrylic to capture these elements.

Ananda's work, characterized by its religious, mystical, and romantic spirit, has been significantly influenced by global political turbulence. His precise and finely executed style, coupled with his creative imagination, has resulted in an unmistakable visual intensity.

Ananda's work has been exhibited worldwide and has won numerous awards. He is also a teacher and facilitator, and his work is featured in many public and private collections both in India and abroad. His exhibitions have been held in prestigious Indian art galleries such as the Jahangir Art Gallery, French Consulate, Academy Of Fine Arts, and Oberoi Tower.

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