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Animesh Biswas


Brief info

Animesh Biswas ( b. 1971) He creates garishly coloured images with his unique interpretation of the Kalighat scroll paintings. Populated with melancholic and striking human figures, his paintings are a window to another mystic realm. In acrylic medium he restricts his palette to a very few colours, but the effects he has achieved are surprisingly varied. He particularly uses contrasting colours like red and blue or orange and violet—which strengthen the effect when placed together. His using of sandy texture gives his paintings a granular appearance. The viewer notices different forms of texture. The artistic use of drip treatment in background and the satin like effect on attire of the characters are fascinating as well. The viewer also cannot fail to notice the arresting treatment of red in his paintings. Different hued reds are strikingly different and can hold on their own. The artist’s inspiration are eclectic and range from the iconoclastic paintings of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) to Modern Indian art pioneer Nandalal Basu(1882-1966), Jamini Roy(1887-1972) , Ramananda Bandopaddhyay (1936-) to Van Gogh (1853-1890)
His big eyed depiction of Lord Krishna in “melodious”in faux Kalighat style is a progression from Jamini Roy and the colours remind us of Ramananda Bandopapdhyay.

Projects by Animesh Biswas

Discription about the Art…..

Discription about the Art…..

Discription about the Art…..

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